29 June 2020

(2020.03.03) Understanding the meaning Yokoyama Reina

Good evening.

It's Yokoyama Reina.
Your member fully in the work who doesn't see that we have changed months.

Recently, my compulsive purchases have decreased a lot.
It's a good thing isn't it?
I think that is one of them.
I had a long period where I wanted this and that and that and... and I took everything (it was only about makeup)
Lately I've been avoiding these kinds of situations.
I will try to keep this rhythm as long as possible.
There are good times to spend!
Like Christmas for example.
↑ If we think better, we understand why.
Good. It was a good story.

An offshot of one of our last shoots ☺︎︎︎︎
I want to be stronger on eyeliners!

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

I heard Sanma-san started to watch Kimetsu no Yaiba...
Sanma-san... I can't wait to see you to talk about it...!!!

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

Because of the spring coming ,
I started to have fragile skin ...
I'll be careful, do it too ☺︎︎︎︎

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

Yokoyama Reina

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