1 August 2020

(2018.02.22) 17 Yokoyama Reina


Today is...
The Yokoyama Reina's 17 years old!!!!

My birthday event took place チューリップオレンジ

I am really very happy
That so many people come.

Today was the first time
I was celebrating my birthday with so many people!!

Thank you so much.

So at the anniversary event...
I showed pictures from my childhood,
I read the palm of my hand,
I played a few games,
And I sang too! So many things!

It was the first time that I showed pictures of myself as a child!
I was a little embarrassed to show them... Lol
But I was happy that so many people said I was "cute" Lol 照れ

So reading from the palm of your hand!!
I was told I have a line on the palm that shows happiness and luck!
It's okay for me. Lol
It was good to celebrate my 17th birthday~ 照れ

The mini game!!
I had to burst balloons while being attached to Ayano...
It was funny!

Ayano sang "Onna no Sono" with me!
It was the first song I performed in performance as Kenshuusei.
It means a lot to be able to sing it with Ayano.
Ayano, thank you very much for today 音符

And then, the live session!!
There were two events
Where I sang all these songs
Love&Peace = Paradise
Be Genki <Naseba Naru!>
Te wo Nigitte Arukitai
Haru Beautiful Everyday

It was the first time that I sang so many songs alone,
I was so stressed but excited at the same time, my heart was beating so hard 照れ

How come is that?! Lol

But it was awesome,
And everyone thanked me when they left because they had a great time...
So I think my birthday event was a real success!!!!!

Many thanks to the MC,
Sawayaka Goro-san 音符

I love the character of Sayawaka-san,
Always making jokes. Lol

It was the best of all my birthdays~


...I learned a lot. Lol

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