1 August 2020

(2018.02.27) Event Yokoyama Reina


Today we held a birthday event in Nagoya

The members present were
Ogata Haruna-san
Makino Maria-san
Morito Chisaki-san
Yokoyama Reina
And the MC was Suzuki Keita-san!!

Thanks to everyone who came

I really am glad to have had a birthday event again!

We read our palms,
Listen to your problems,
Still plenty of things~ 照れ

I want to do this again next year~
It was fun ☆

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚

A few days ago,
I received my birthday present from Inaba Manaka-san ♡
Inaba-san, thank you very much!!

I'm happy to be able to do a MiniMoni. perfomance along side to Inaba-san at Hello Con, and I got to talk to her a few times ☆☆

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚

Ah, February is already ending~.
I'm happy with what I have been able to do.

Spring tour starts in March!
I'm soooo excited
And it's definitely going to be a fun tour!!!

Everyone please get ready 照れ


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