(2020.10.10) I miss the timing to take a bath Yokoyama Reina

I was come home and when I was already sit in a chair,
I started to watch my Youtube feed.

And I completely missed the timing to take a bath.
I don't want to stand up anymore.

It already happened the last day, isn't it?
I want to take a bath,
But my body doesn't want to move anymore! Lol

Tomorrow is HelloCon to Okinawa!
I'm looking forward to it!

I will start to run my bath
While the blog update.
For real.
And I'll go to bed early.

I don't even have 10% on my phone,
I wonder if I'll finally manage to get up
Once it gets below 2%.
(Mysterious idea)

For the time being,
Good night!!!!! Lmao

Yokoyama Reina

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