(2020.10.11) Okinawa Yokoyama Reina

HelloCon to Okinawa

Thank you a lot 😊

This is the first 
Concert I had to Okinawa!
So I was looking forward to it!

Members were,
Yamagishi Riko-san,
Inaba Manaka-san,
Kasahara Momona-san,
And me, Yokoyama Reina!

I talked about scary stories in the dressing room,
It was exciting 🤣

Recently, I'm really into
Urban legends lol

I really wanted to shared 
Things about that... Lmao

Since it was the first HelloCon with these 4 people,
I was kinda nervous...
I wonder if it was visible...

But I was so excited too lol

I'm happy to have been able to do a live in Okinawa 😳

I want to redo a live soon!!!!!

Tomorrow is HelloCon to Nippon Budokan...
I'm nervous. That's bad.
I'm nervous for two days in a row 🤣

I was able to take a picture with a mysterious face, so I post it lol

The bow is not included in the original outfit,
So there was a personal touch 😎

Yokoyama Reina

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