(2020-11-20 20:32:30) Sweet and sour pork pineapple Yokoyama Reina

I recorded Young Town Doyoubi!

Guest is Kitagawa Rio-chan!
Her first appearance!

She was so nervous. Lol
Please, look forward to it!

Today, Kitagawa gave me
A topic to write about on my blog.

"Mix or not pineapple with sweet and sour pork"


I obviously take pineapple!
I like sweet and sour pork pineapple!

This is like the mix of cold noodles
With some apples! (It seems to be linked but it's not)

I like the fruits in the food!
Did you all like it as well!?

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

I worked with Sato-san yesterday!
It was fun 😊

Yokoyama Reina

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