(2021-01-11 20:52:52) #SeijinDay Yokoyama Reina

Today is seijin day, right

I used to say that I was still far enough for this day,
But I realized it's now soon.

I'm one of the new adults.
I'm really glad to be honest. Lol
I'll do my best.

Today there were events from the new single

Since I missed the last event,
Theses events were the first ones for a long time 😊 

It was fun to be able to talk with people
After so many time~!

I was happy that many of you
Congratulated me for being a new adult~

During break time,
I helped Kitagawa Rio-chan to study a bit.
Kitagawa is studying hard, for real.
I really want to support her lol

I tried to help her a lot,
Good luck Kitagawa!!!

But yup. Studying is hard.
It was fun!

I'm ready to give the best of myself tomorrow~
It's quite exciting!

Yokoyama Reina

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