Special thanks and sources

 Here's a list of official sites which are related to Morning Musume.'21 and Reina.

Hello! Project site
Morning Musume.'21 site
Yokoyama Reina profile
e-LineUP!Mall goodies site

 Twitter account
Morning Musume.'21
Sanrio Caribadix
Hello! Project Link international
Morning Jogakuin
Young Town Doyoubi
UF Goods Land
e-LineUP!Mall english

 Youtube channel
Morning Musume.'21
Hello! Station
tiny tiny

 Facebook page
Morning Musume.'21 page
UP-FRONT LINK international page

 Others SNS
Hello! Project tiktok account
9th generation ameblo blog
10th and 11th generation ameblo blog
12th generation ameblo blog
13th and 14th generation ameblo blog
15th generation ameblo blog
Morning Musume.'21 instagram account
Fukumura Mizuki instagram account
Ikuta Erina instagram account
Ishida Ayumi instagram account
Nonaka Miki instagram account
Makino Maria instagram account
Haga Akane instagram account
Kaga Kaede instagram account
Yokoyama Reina instagram account
Morito Chisaki instagram account

 Here a complete list of any sources I use to maintain YOKOpedia, please follow them!

 Main sources
Hello! Online - Q&A H!P mobile
EIKAN blog - Young Town Doyoubi
projecthello - Lyrics, colorcode, kanji
JPLOP forum - Release events promotion
officialphotos - Reina set solo
SuperKaiji229 - Reina pin-up solo
Hello Project Clothes - Reina fashion
Crazy About Morning Musume - Reina fashion
hello_igirls - Magazine scans

 Special thanks to
@Archejoiyo for Yokoyama Reina Birthday DVD 2017
@neruchii777 for Morning Musume.'20 limista event tutorial