7 August 2020

(2018.03.30) Tomorrow~ Yokoyama Reina


Today I recorded Young Town Doyoubi~
The guest was Ogata Haruna-san!

It was fun~

And tomorrow...
This year's Hina Festival starts~~

Let's all have fun together~ 音符

Since it's a big stage,
I'm really hyped!
Let's go for the next two days!

I can't wait to see you Kawamura...


(2018.03.27) Precious Yokoyama Reina

The announcement has just been published.

Ogata Haruna-san will graduate during the spring tour
And will therefore graduate from Morning Musume.'18 and Hello! Project as well.

Honestly, I'm not sure about how I'm feeling right now.

We often worked together,
Since 1 year. It might sound weird.

But Ogata-san wants to think about his future,
And open lots of doors.

I'll do my best,
And know that I support your decision, Ogata-san!

But Ogata-san wants to think about her future,
And open lots of doors.

There is still time
Before the sotsugyo ceremony.
It's certainly short,
But I will do everything to make fun with you.

Let's keep creating wonderful memories together.

Yokoyama Reina

(2018.03.24) New Yokoyama Reina


Today we had a concert in Matsudo!
Thank you very much to everyone who came

It was that Morning Musume. didn't have
Do concerts in Matsudo

I was happy 照れ
I hope to return soon to give a concert there!

And before the concert...
I quickly went to the official Urawa Red Diamonds store!

I never got to go
I never had the time
And there, this time I finally went there!!

I finally bought it! Lol
I used it directly ♪♪

I sent a message to my brother telling him that I was there,
It looks like we'll have to go back with him soon. Lol


(2018.03.23) Capacity Yokoyama Reina


Recently, I managed to do something that I didn't do before:
No matter my mode of transport,
I'll be able to get up only five minutes early, get ready, and have it! 

Isn't it amazing? I don't know...
I used to be afraid to sleep
Because I was afraid of not waking up in time...
But hey, I've grown since! Lol

Ikuta Erina-san グリーンハート

The concert hall was right next door!
She came to see me said "Come on!" and we took this picture.
I'm so happy Ikuta-san is doing this to me!

Thank you so much!!!!!! 照れ


(2018.03.21) It's Toyohashi! Yokoyama Reina


Today we had a concert in Toyohashi,
Thanks to everyone who came!

This concert was
Really really great!
I could see that you liked our tracklist!
It was awesome ヒマワリ

It was Makino Maria-san's native prefecture!
It's always great to give a concert in your hometown.
I look forward to it every time音符

When I was in the shinkansen to back home.
This is what I wrote:
"Konshuu no Kanade-san"

I follow it on the mobile application...
But I decided to buy the books too!

It's easier to read that way I find it.
It's too funny every time! Lol

Go all read it!
The stories that Reina liked this time...
"Nenga Joda yo Kanade-san!!"
"Hayari Kotoba da yo!!"

In each chapter, I laugh too much while reading them~


#konshuunokanadesan #readit