(2020.09.17) A refreshing story Yokoyama Reina

What are the kind of moment when you feel refreshed?

Reina is, of course,
When I slept a lot 🙋‍♀️ Lol

When there are something unpleasant
I'll forget it when I sleep. Lol

And when you woke up,
You don't think about it at all 😂

Also, night is a great time to think
About various things.
I like to go to bed even if I don't sleep right after,
It can be good for you heart too!


(Just because I wanted to tell it)

Isn't she super cute???

I took this pic 😎 Lol

We went in a super cute cafe
Together with Morito Chisaki-san💕

It was too fashionable!
Even the plates were cute... 🥺

It was really delicious and people are kind 😊

Yokoyama Reina

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(2020.09.16) Let's talk about how funny is Fall Guys Yokoyama Reina

Yesterday night
I looked back at the diary I wrote.

It's just a diary 
In which I write what I did during the day,
It's often long sentances. But this one

"June 14
I don't know!"

And even now, I can't remember what I did on that day. Lol

Maybe I did something alone,
That's why I can't remember!

What could happened on that day... Lol
I didn't understand at all when I thought about it.

But it's fun too 😂
I'm not sure about the answer, so let's keep that sentance

It's fun to read back our diary, isn't it? 😂

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

Falls Guys is super fun isn't it ?

Falls Guys's game commentaries are interesting too

I like to watch live games lately 😂

Yokoyama Reina

(2020.09.15) It is possible to have trouble sleeping if I start to sleep too much? Yokoyama Reina

Since yesterday I spoke a lot about sleeping,

I thought if I was great today,
I could sleep well the night as well,
But, someone ask me if is it 
Possible to create some kind of trouble sleeping
If we start to sleep too much,

How many hours do you sleep per night?

I don't know which number is great!
However, because I slept until noon yesterday
I woke up about 3 times in the middle of the night.
(That's why I'm kind of worried)

But when I sleep, I feel refreshed
After all, it's great for stress release.
Maybe it's better to sleep.

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

Thank you to eveyone who loves me!
It's makes me happy!

I cherish all loves you all gives me ☺️

Yokoyama Reina

(2020.09.14) Happybirthday!! Yokoyama Reina

Happy birthday
Morning Musume.!

I will keep cherish you.
I love you 💛

To celebrate it,
We ate sushi 🌻

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

I'm already sorry
About the short post.


I slept too much today.
If I could, I would sleep an entire day. 😂

Today, it was 14:00 when I woke up.
It's dangerous... lol

Because it's good to wake up on the sunlight,
I tried.

But I couldn't. I was too tired. Lol

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

Takahashi Ai-san 💛
Happy birthday!

Yokoyama Reina

(2020.09.13) Recent me Yokoyama Reina

I thinking a lot about what can I talk on my blog,
Since instagram is mainly about photos,

I don't think I write too much there,

That's why I thought that
I had to convey the latest situation
On the blog 🙇‍♀️ It's Yokoyama Reina 🙇‍♀️

During the last days,

I've been listening to various music all the time,
On YouTube!

Until now, there were many radio and tv shows,

And recently, I have a lot of free time at home
So I've been watching YouTube a lot 😎

About music!
Listening to various new artists,
And songs I liked when I was in middle school 😊

My generation ...
Doesn't know GReeeeN-san at all!!! Lol

I've been listened to GReeeeN-san since middle school 😳

I like their song "orange",
But I'm rather part of the "Sakuracolor" generation

What is you all generation!? Lol

For me, your generation is the 
First album you have listened of the group 😂

Reina's is "Icarus", I like too much!
It's so cool. I love the lyrics.
The best generation. Lol

When I talk about GReeeeN-san,
I'm 100% exciting 😎

Ah. That's fun. Lol

Now, about HoneyWorks-san.

I reaaaaaaaally like it. Lol

Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu

Kokuhaku Rival Sengen

Ima Suki ni Naru.

I've been repeating in this order since like forever


The other day, I heard Suiyobi no Yakusoku!?
I was crazy about it...

I, really like, Seina-chan 😭
(I always told it)

But yeah,
There's also Nichiyobi no Himitsu which is really great!

Yup. I really like Honeyworks-san 🥺

Who likes HoneyWorks-san ?
I want to talk about it 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ Lol

Hiyori wants to be a princess.
Reina too, want to be a princess.
I will do my best 🥺🥺🥺

Lately also,
I listened a lot 

Macaroni Enpitsu-san 🌻
When I hear one song, I can't stop myself.

After that! This has been around for some years now
That I'm telling you

I really like fluffy people!

Really everyone who's flully is too cute.
I always reacting like "Somehow, it's cute!!!". Lol
(I love to see cute girls)

I fell in love with Iwasaki Haruna-san.
The trigger was a song called Jelly Beans.

Everyone should see it. Because it's too cute.

Since then,
I'm still listening Iwasaki Haruka-san, because she's too cute.

She started to be
A model for Popteen.
Since then,
I started to buy Popteen. Lol

It's like this recently for me.

It feels like it's an otakutalk.

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚

Mysteriously drowsy,
I haven't slept yet

But just to tell it,

Good night

Yokoyama Reina

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