(2021-01-13) @kenshusei_uf

"It's Kubota Nanami!
Yokoyama Reina, Matsubara Yuriya-chan and I took a pic together ✩.*˚
As Yokoyama-san suggested it, we've made the Joujou Gundan pose! 
As always, her smile is gorgeous ♡


(2021-01-23 21:56:07) I'm sleepy Yokoyama Reina

Good evening
It's Yokoyama Reina

Thank you very much
For today's concerts to Osaka!
It was a lot of fun.
Please, be careful about your health.

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

When I did a shooting on the other day on Saitama TV,

Some staff members
Put a special CGR pannel 😭

Sooo cool!
Thank you so much.
It made me so happy.

Keep supporting Urawa Red Diamonds!!!!!!

Yokoyama Reina

(2021-01-23) Instagram

Look at theses wonderful human-size pannel!!!
So cool


UpComing - Episode 207


Published on : January 21, 2021
MCs : Nonaka Miki, Haga Akane (Morning Musume.'21)


03:35 ~ Morning Musume.'20 "Junjou Evidence" dance lesson

(2021-01-22) Instagram

When I recorded on Saitama TV the other day,
People from the staff put a CGR special pannel...😭
I was glad.
I'll support Urawa Red Diamonds forever ☺️


(2021-01-21 21:23:11) Cold days with wind are hard, right Yokoyama Reina

Good evening
It's Yokoyama Reina

Thank you very much
About live broadcast "Utacon" on the other day

It was the first television performance
As Morning Musume.'21~

I got a lot of feedback about it
On my Instagram post.
Thank you, I read it!

It was so much of fun, right

This is my heart to Homare-tan

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

My birthday event for my 20th anniversary
Has been announced.

Is on the same day, on February 22nd
To Zepp Tokyo, 2 performances scheduled.

The event content is gradually decided!
Yaaay I'm kinda stressed

Costumes are decided as well,
I decided some songs according to it,
And goods are done as well.

Preparations have already begun!!!

The application deadline is on January 28th
So please, if you still haven't done it

More informations here.

In one month, I'll be 20 years old.
Uwaaaah! I'm looking forward to it. Lol
I have to enjoy my last teenager times!

✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ ✽.。.:*・゚ 

I still haven't decided what to do with my bangs!!!!!! Lol
Should I change it?

Yokoyama Reina