(2020.10.14) Maimai Yokoyama Reina

The other day! Finally!

I have a date 
With Haruna Mai-chan from Tacoyaki Rainbow 💙💛

I was too happy 😭

I met her for the first time during a co-emission on TV last February,
We talked a lot since, we did several calls,
But I couldn't saw her.

I told her a lot that I wanted to see her,
And we finally found a date where we was free!
I'm so happy!

Once again, I talked a looooooot. Lol
There was no break in my stories 😂

Let's met once again soon!
It was so fun 💕

I have another thing to do today
(Fun as well)

It was a early blog update 🙋‍♀️

Yokoyama Reina

#tacoyakirainbow #harunamai #yokoyamareina

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