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Hello to all! My name is Kiki, I'm a 20 years old woman, huge fan of Morning Musume. and Hello! Project for 10 years now. After knowing the Platinum Era and having Takahashi Ai as an oshi, the departure of my favorite members made me lose the interest I had in the group. It was when I came back in 2017 that I listened to the group's last release, "Jama Shinai de ~Here we Go!~" that I started to be curious and to know the current lineup. After watching some content a few times, I started to take an interest in Yokoyama Reina, by the energy and the cuteness that she emerges.

On March 24, 2018, I decided to create the fanblog to set up an encyclopedia about Reina's idol activities. First titled "SOUND OF YOKO" with an exclusively French content, I started to collect several pieces of information that over time made my friends start to call me "Reina's encyclopedia". During the first lockdown in 2020, I spend a lot of time on the fanblog, but I don't feel that the French content was used enough and I saw my friends making their own fanworks in English. More and more changes attracted me for the future of the site, mainly the platform which no longer suited me and which was very old to my opinion. As several of my friends advised me to go on blogger, I decided to join it, as well as rename the site "YOKOpedia" to support the intention of being able to find any information about Reina there. However, this site covers ONLY her activities, which is why no information will be available on the blog, before Reina's term begins in 2017.

You can follow YOKOpedia on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube. And you can contact me at "yokoyamapedia@gmail.com". I hope you all will enjoy being on YOKOpedia!