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I'm introduce myself briefly : my nickname is Pichi, I'm a french girl who knows Morning Musume. since 10 years now and today, I'm espacially a huge fan of Yokoyama Reina.
I created first this blog under the name "SOUND OF YOKO" on March 24, 2018, on the eklablog plateform in french only. But many reasons have accumulated and I wanted to change blog's plateform because the previous one was no longer satisfactory enough and also I felt like my content in french only wasn't used enough since mostly of my friends who loves Reina weren't french. I decided then to change totally the blog on May 16 2020, deciding to rename it into "YOKOPedia" by changing plateform to go to blogger and as is pretty obvious, write the entire blog in English only.
On YOKOPedia, you can find any informations about Yokoyama Reina. I only publish content related to Reina, that's why Morning Musume. tours, single albums informations before 2017 will never be available here. To publish this content, I use many sources such as : projecthello, EIKAN's blog, JPLOP, Hello Online, Crazy About Morning Musume.Hello Project Clothes, officialphotos, ... maybe others will use, but I will always put credits on it. About translations published here, I try to offer quality content but I don't qualify myself as bilingual either in Japanese or English so if you see any mistakes please share it with me!
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And you can contact me at yokoyamapedia@gmail.com

I hope y'all will enjoy being on YOKOPedia !


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