(2017.02.21) Morning Musume.'17 13ki Member FC Event

Morning Musume.'17 13ki Member FC Event (モーニング娘。'17 13期メンバーFCイベント) is the 13th generation members debut and presentation event. Exclusive to fanclub members, this event was hold three months after they joined the group, on February 21, 2017 at Differ Ariake (Tokyo). There were two shows at 17:00 and 19:30, both hold by the MC Suzuki Keita. The 13th generation mentor, Kudo Haruka, was also there. The event DVD was released on June 24, 2017 also exclusive to fanclub members.


01. 13th generation members self-introduction

02. Q&A session

01. What can motivate you ?
Kaga : Take a nap.
Yokoyama : Eat spring rolls.

02. Your weakness ?
Kaga : I don't know how to be cute.
Yokoyama : I don't have a good memory for choreographies.

03. The reason why you are happy to be alive ?
Kaga : Soft things
Yokoyama : Spring rolls ...

04. Say it in a cute way.
Kaga : Soft things~.
Yokoyama : Spring rolls~♡
Kudo : As excepted ... (because Yokoyama succeed to be much cuter than Kaga)

05. Something that has worried you recently ?
Kaga : A distributor didn't give me my change.
Yokoyama : I hadn't revised one of my exam.

06. The first thing you do when you wake up from a nap ?
Kaga : To be honest, I take time to wake up.
Yokoyama : I say hello to my grandfather who is often at home.

07. Ask your mentor Kudo Haruka-san a question.
Kaga : How can I do this ?
Kudo : (laughs)
Yokoyama : How to become as great as you ?
Kudo : Ok ok I understood.

08. What suprised you in the groupe now that you are a Morning Musume. member ?
Kaga : Dance lessons are really detailed.
Yokoyama : I want to have too much fun even when it's not the right time.

09. If you could exchange your mind with one Morning Musume.'17 member ?
Kaga : ... Sato-san.
Yokoyama : Kudo-san !

10. If you could do on a date with one Morning Musume.'17 member ?
Kaga : Makino-san !
Yokoyama : Ishida-san !

11. Your speciality ?
Kaga : Trumpet !!!
Yokoyama : Alto saxophone !

12. Morning Musume.'17 members receive a curse. Who's fault ?
Kaga : Makino-san.
Yokoyama : Yokoyan.
Kudo : Mmh... Yokoyan.

13. What will help you for your future ?
Kaga : My experience.
Yokoyama : My smile~♡

03. "Maji desu ka Suka!" on trumpet and saxophone

04. Balloon Challenge

They have to burst balloons one by one and recover the challenge on paper inside. They will give it to the MC and must execute it ! The first 5 minutes of the game are only with Kaede and Reina, then Haruka will join them. Here are Reina's answers.

01. Enigma : The kitchen utensil used only at night ?
Yokoyama : The cutting board
× Electric coffee maker

02. Quiz : "Hello" is "Ohayo gozaimasu" in English. How do you say "Ohayo gozaimasu" in French ?
Yokoyama : ... Konnichiwa
× Bonjour

03. Quiz : How do you say "Apple" in English ?
Yokoyama : Apple 

04. Enigma : What cake are you sure you can eat ?
Yokoyama : Pancake !!!  

05. Imitation : Imitate any sentence Kudo Haruka said during the event.
Yokoyama (with Kudo's voice) : Thank you for coming to this event of the fabulous 13th generation.

06. Writing : Tomorrow is the birthday of the major of the Kobushi Factory. You have to write their name !
Yokoyama : こぶしファクトリー

05. Statements of commitment

Yokoyama : Statement of my commitment, Yokoyama Reina.
Thank you for welcoming me into the Morning Musume. thirteenth generation. I am now a Morning Musume. member and I will be forever. I was Hello! Pro Kenshuusei member for four months. About my singing performances, I still have a lot to learn. But now I don't have to worry anymore. At first I was alone, but now Kaga Kaede is by my side and takes care of me. It makes me very happy. As a member of the thirteenth generation, I now contribute to a new formation of Morning Musume. I hope to be able to discover all the possible learnings and succeed them one by one. I count on my senpai of course, but also on all of you to take care of me. From now on, I would do my best not to disappoint anyone. In the group, I hope to be able to hold a place as MC because I like to speak, I also hope to be able to maintain very good performances at the height of the group. From now on, thank you for accepting me as a member.

06. Live performance

01. Futsuu no Shoujo A (Kudo, KagaYokoyama)
02. Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de (KagaYokoyama
03. 1st event : Koisuru♡Angel♡Heart (KudoKagaYokoyama)
03. 2nd event : Genki Pikappika! (KudoKagaYokoyama)

07. Surprise birthday for Yokoyama Reina

08. Signatures presentations

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