(2020-09-10) Downtown DX


Broadcasted on : September 10, 2020
Featured members : Morning Musume.'20 (Makino Maria, Yokoyama Reina)


They spoke about the girls' quarantine during spring and summer. Reina showed her muscle training at home, Maria showed her fanchant training for her favorite baseball team. Reina explained a bit her muscle training: she did many exercices everyday. Since the girls were going to resume their activities one day, she thought it was essential to continue her training to be able to resume the 2 hours concerts without having major difficulties at that time. As these exercises took her time, she did her face care at the same time! One of the show MC laughed at her a little because he was surprised at Reina's gaze with her care mask "you don't have to look at the camera when you look like that". Reina laughed as well and answered to him "I'm an idol, I always look at the camera".
Then, the two members shows her instruments. Reina said once again she plays saxophone alto since she was a middle school student. The one she took with her on the tv show costed her 400.000 yens.

"LOVE Machine" on flute and saxophone

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